Roles and Responsibilities
During the development of this project I was a QA Tester. Within that role I was responsible for:
- QA testing and reporting
- Creation of release materials such as advertising videos and high resolution image compositions
Development Breakdown

This title took Minecraft as a base point and created a linear story within a highly detailed environment.
The story followed an explorer who had set out to photograph the creatures of the jungle and during their journey uncovered the ruins of an ancient and magical civilisation.
The title expanded upon the base mechanics of Minecraft by adding photography, tracking quests, and large scale boss battles.
Quality Assurance Testing

My role QA testing on this title was focussed on the minigames, expanded mechanics, and the boss battle in the climax of the story.
I tested the title in each of these ways by breaking the testing into full playthroughs and isolated repeated test cases on each expanded mechanic or activity.
Level testing was also undertaken to ensure players were not capable of escaping the linear environment or skipping over sections of story.
The area which required the highest level of testing was the final boss battle.
In this fight the boss had an explosive attack which could damage the environment and remove blocks from the environment. 
This presented a series of bugs.
The command blocks which carried the code for the battle and its arena doors were located beneath the arena itself. 
Players could become trapped in here or the boss could blow up the command blocks themselves if enough damage was dealt in one location to tunnel into these.
Further more, even if a two block deep hole was blown up by the boss, the player could become trapped and would in turn lose the fight by being unable to retaliate.
These bugs, amongst others were logged via a Trello board for the title and prioritised accordingly.
Once they were addressed I re-tested them to close the bug off or repeat logging the bug updates until resolved.

Published Titles

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